Build the absolute best sounding, high-quality helmet audio systems on the market. From high-quality components to exceptional sound quality, Volic won’t disappoint.

5 Minute Install

Looking to replace or add exceptional audio into your ski helmet, the Epic Drop-in speakers install in minutes with no tools necessary.

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We use Rare-Earth metal in our Epic speaker magnets. Rare-Earth metal holds a very high magnetic "charge." As such they provide a much higher magnetic flux density in the air gap and so can generate a much greater action force in the voicecoil. What's this mean to you? They sound really, really good!

Holy s**t do these things sounds good!

Got my Volic headphones installed on my Icon Airflite and holy s**t do these things sounds good... they sound just as good if not better then my Beats Studio headphones.

Craig Haney

Built to Upgrade

Upgrade that "Tinny" sounding Bluetooth® Intercom system audio with our Epic speakers. Our Full-range dynamic Epic speakers are designed to work with most major intercom systems.

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