Epic Drop-in Helmet Speakers

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Volic Epic drop-in helmet speakers are designed with one thing in mind—getting the party started with a bang. Drop these nuggets of audio goodness into your helmet, or duct tape them over your ears, either way you’ll be pumping exceptional sounding tunes directly into your skull. Don't let these wired speakers fool you, we know Bluetooth® is the rage but plug-in-play is the only way to maintain the highest audio quality. So, if you're an audiophile or like to bump tunes while you ride, then the EPIC speakers deliver the goods. The Epic drop-in helmet speakers work in any Motorcycle, Off-Road, MTB, or Snow helmets that have ear covers. 

Our Technology
Volic uses Rare-Earth metal in our Epic speaker magnets. Rare-Earth metal holds a very high magnetic "charge." As such they provide a much higher magnetic flux density in the air gap and so can generate a much greater action force in the voice coil. What's this mean to you? They sound really, really, really good!


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