2019 MAP Policy

All 2019 Volic products are to be advertised no lower than the published Volic MAP during the entire inline selling season effective (Jan 1, 2019 to Dec 21, 2019).  Any dealer that breaks the rules set forth run the risk of having their status as an official Volic account terminated.


Volic is committed to maintaining the superior quality and integrity of its line of audio products and accessories. Volic has developed the following Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) policy for its Dealers in order to promote advertising practices that preserve and enhance the reputation of Volic Products for superior quality, and thereby encourage the long-term success of Volic and its distribution network.  The policy will become effective for the 2018 season (1/1/2019 – 12/31/2019).

Minimum Advertised Price

All retailers are allowed to advertise current model year products (Thru 12/31/2019) at the Volic stated MAP price as set forth by this document. ALL Volic products MAP is defined as Volic’s current manufacturer’s suggested retail price.  The current MSRP is listed on the Current Dealer USA Wholesale Order Form.  The USA Wholesale Order Form is available from Volic upon request.  

Scope of Policy

This policy prohibits all Dealers of Volic Products from advertising below the MAP.  Further, the policy applies to advertising of all Volic Products by Dealers in any external media including, but not limited to radio, television, internet, print, and in any form, such as direct mailings, catalogs, price lists, flyers, group faxing, group emailing and trade show signs and brochures.

This policy applies strictly to advertised prices and will not in any way restrict the Dealer’s ability to determine its own resale prices.  Moreover, the policy is not intended to prohibit any Dealer from providing below MAP quotations on an individual basis in response to a specific request for quotation by an individual customer; provided such response is not automated and is given by person-to-person communication.  Further, Dealers may indicate on their websites for Volic Products that customers may contact the Dealer directly for a price quotation.

When referring to MAP, the following rules regarding coupons, lingo, freebies, and other discounts apply:

  1. The following types of coupons or discounts may not EVER be applied towards purchases of any Volic products:
  • Online Coupons, discount codes, and or emailed coupons
  • Postcards, or any other mailed coupons
  • Advertised coupons (in National, or regional print advertisements)
  1. Dealers are NOT allowed to use any of the following lingo, or similar lingo on their websites, or in ads, when referring to Volic products:
  • Call for better pricing
  • Call for Team Pricing
  • We’ll beat any price
  • Bundle programs that allow Volic to be offered at a discounted rate


  1. Dealers are NOT allowed to either advertise or imply a discount on Volic product through the use of reward programs, loyalty incentives, or any other product that advertises an implied discount on Volic products.


  1. Dealer must specify on their site that any such program or incentive does “NOT apply to ANY Volic products”.


  1. Dealers may not sell any Volic products through auction websites such as E-Bay.

Administration of MAP Policy 

This is a unilateral policy and it will be administered and enforced by Volic in its sole discretion.  The MAP for any Volic Product will be determined by Volic and communicated to Dealers by Volic in writing from time to time.  No external complaints or reports concerning this policy are solicited by Volic, nor will any such external complaints or reports be used by Volic, as a basis for enforcement of the policy.  No employee or representative of Volic will discuss or negotiated this policy with individual Dealers, other than to advise Dealers regarding the administration of the policy. Questions regarding the policy should be directed to Volic via email.

Amazon Policy

Any Dealer will be allowed to sell the Volic products on Amazon.com; Dealers who buy directly from Volic Audio can post as much of the Volic product that they desire. At No time is a Dealer allowed to use FBA with the Volic products. All products must be purchased from Volic Audio, or the Dealer itself. Any Dealer that fails to comply will be terminated immediately (Overpassing any of the 3 Violation terms from the Volic Audio policy.)

Violation of MAP Policy

While Dealers have the complete freedom to resell Volic Products at any price and to advertise Volic Products in any manner (subject to the terms and conditions of the Dealer Agreement), if Volic verifies that a Dealer is advertising Volic Products below the MAP or is otherwise violating this policy, Volic will impose the following penalties.

  1. Upon the first violation, Volic will issue a written notice of violation to the dealer and will give the Dealer an opportunity to remove from publication (including internet) any price advertising that violates this policy.
  2. Upon a second violation, a second written notice will be issued, and the dealer’s right to purchase Volic products will automatically be suspended for a period of 60 days after the date of second notice.
  3. Upon a third violation, a third written notice will be issued and, in Volic’s sole discretion, the dealer’s right to purchase Volic products will automatically be suspended for a period to be determined by Volic or the dealer’s Volic Authorized Dealer Agreement will be terminated.


Separate violations will be deemed to have occurred if a violation continues after Volic has issued a notice of violation to a dealer (e.g., the same offending advertisement runs on multiple occasions or in different media).  The preceding enforcement measures are necessary to protect Volic’s reputation and the integrity of its products.

Other Violations

The following practices will also be treated as violations of the policy, on the basis that they violate the spirit of the policy and may be used to circumvent the policy:

  1. The use of any rebate, discount, coupon, promotion, giveaway or incentive in any advertising by a Dealer where the cumulative effect is to reduce the advertised price of any Volic Product below its MAP.
  2. The use of “click on,” or “click through” buttons on a website, or any similar buttons or automated price quotation transmission feature to provide automatic price quotations at below the MAP for any Volic Product.



Dealers with Multiple Locations

For Dealers with multiple store locations, a violation of this policy by any one-store location shall be considered a violation by the entire dealership.

Current Products Only

This policy shall apply only to current products and shall not apply to any non-current, closeout or discontinued Volic products.  The determination as to whether a product is no longer current, or is a close-out or discontinued product, shall be made by Volic in its sole discretion.  All Volic Products shall be deemed current products as described in Volic’s website or other official materials from Volic.


Volic reserves the right to amend this policy and/or its minimum advertised prices at any time upon prior written notice to Dealers.  Amendments to the policy will not apply to any Dealer advertising that has already been prepared and is scheduled for delivery within 30 days after the date that Volic gives the Dealer notice of the amendment.  Otherwise, Dealers are responsible for observing the current version of this policy as well as the current MAPs.