Intercom Systems Compatibility Guide

The Volic Epic Drop-in Helmet speakers are compatible with the following Bluetooth Intercom Systems. 


Packtalk Bold, Packtalk Slim, Freecom 4, Freecom 2, Freecom 1, Q-Solo, All older systems.


30K, 20S Evo, 20S, 10S, SF Series, SMH5 Multicom, Bluetooth Mic & Intercom BT10-01, All older 10S, 20S.
SMH10: use Sena® Earbud Adapter Cable (SC-A0305)
SMH10A and SMH10B: Use Helmet Clamp Kit for Earbuds with Boom and Wired Microphones for SMH10 Bluetooth Headset (SMH-A0304)

10C Pro Camera/Communication System: Earbud Adapter Cable (10C-A0101)


Duo Pro with Chatterbox® Adapter PN#: CBDUOUHS35
ChatterBox X1 Slim: Universal Earbud Adapter PN#: CBX1SLIMUHS35

Hawk Comm:
X1 and X2

J & M Audio:

BT-04 and BT-03


SRC System for C3 Pro/EI Helmets