MX Team Rider: Jerry Robin

Name Jerry Robin

Home TownHamel, MN

Birthdate 3/18/1997

Your Number- #194

When did you Start RidingI started riding back in 2005!

What was Your First BikeMy first bike was a little CRF50

What bike are you on now-?Now I’m riding a KTM 250SXF

What's your most memorable career moment - My most memorable career moment as a professional would be 14th at Southwick this season. Ran top 10 multiple times against some heavy hitters this season!

Favorite place to ride -My favorite place to ride is in Grand Junction, Colorado!

Favorite Food - My all time favorite food is pizza

Hobbies - My hobbies are running, cycling, play some Xbox and just enjoy hanging out!

Favorite Athlete - Favorite athlete is Jeffrey Herlings

What do you do for Off-season training - Off-season training I stick to cycling, running and riding!

Favorite Ice cream truck treat -favorite ice cream truck treat is the Chaco taco

Favorite place you’ve been -My favorite place I’ve been is way up north in Minnesota in the boundary waters, no cell service!

Who’s your favorite music artistMy favorite artist is tough, I’m into so many different styles of music but I’d say it’s Justin Lee for country and The Amity Affliction for rock music!

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