Why us?

No matter where our adventures take place, music has been pumping us up on our rides. Whether we’re standing sideways on a board or twisting a throttle, music has been an inspirational force.

From the slopes of the Tahoe backcountry, the washes of Ocotillo, the hills of Gorman, or the curves of Willow Springs, music has been part of every venture.

Our favorite tracks play and inspire us to go bigger, go faster, ride longer, and push ourselves harder.

Over the years, we’ve used different audio systems, from earbuds to speakers to intercom systems. But, there was always something missing. That something was profound sounding audio. We created Volic to fill that void.

Our mission is to build the absolute best sounding, high-quality helmet audio systems on the market. From high-quality components to exceptional sound quality, Volic won’t disappoint. If you're looking to outfit a ski helmet, motorcycle helmet, or to upgrade your favorite helmet intercom system, Volic's mission is to inspire your ride.

Stop reading this and just go ride, 

The Volic Crew.